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Periodontitis is primarily an inflammatory and infectious disease. There are several factors that contribute to the disease, like oral hygiene, smoking and stress, but the disease often has a genetic origin. Signs of periodontitis include bleeding when brushing or using dental floss. Without being aware, bone loss begins around the teeth making them loose. Treatments that can stop periodontitis include the control of bacterial flora, stopping smoking or increasing the effectiveness of your teeth-brushing to help curb this disease.

There are several forms of periodontitis. The most common is chronic periodontitis. It mainly affects people over 35 years of age and its progression is often slow. There is also aggressive periodontitis. It affects younger people, and as the name suggests, it progresses much faster. Periodontitis is often treated by non-surgical means. Periodontitis is a disease that can be controlled but unfortunately does not heal. It is a life-long struggle to protect your teeth.

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