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Gingival graft

This procedure is performed regularly. It consists of returning a band of keratinized gingiva to the tooth. What is the keratinized gingiva? I say it's a bit like a bumper. When eating or brushing your teeth, food and a toothbrush just traumatize the gingiva. This keratinized gingiva acts as a bumper to protect the gums. It is a band of gum that contains keratin. If this band is absent or has worn out and the tooth's root begins to show, a gingival or gum graft is strongly recommended.

The procedure involves taking some of the gum from the palate in order to graft it to the tooth. This intervention will be done under local anesthesia. The graft, once taken, will be attached to the gum of the tooth. In some situations, it may cover the denuded root of the tooth but it is not possible in all cases. Care must be taken when eating and brushing teeth for the following week. The gum graft is a procedure with a very high success rate and once the graft takes, the hope is to keep this band of keratinized gingiva for the rest of your life. Your tooth will be protected for a long time.

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